Post-Apocalyptic Paris Landscape

Sofware Used:
-Built in Maya
-Layedout in Headus UVlayout
-Textured in Photoshop
-normal and spec map built in CrazyBump

This series of buildings was built for a level in UT2004.  The buildings were built on a power of 2 grid system so they are interchangable.  This building is only an example of the many different ways the pieces can be put togeather.  Since this was built for UT2, I decided to focus on low poly modeling and depending on my textures to make up for what detail i don't make in polys.  I've been working with Maya and playing with their physical(artificial) sun that they have in their software to generate a day phase sun motion to give the scene a little life.  You will notice all the railings are alpha map planes.
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