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Obtain a Level Designer, 3D Artist, or VFX Artist position working with creative, organized, and experienced individuals while continuing to develop my skills and abilities as an artist.
Autodesk Maya 2013     Adobe Flash 6    Adobe Premiere Pro 6
Autodesk 3ds Max 2013Action Script 2.0 & 3.0Adobe After Effects 6
Autodesk Softimage 2013      Adobe Dreamweaver 6Adobe Photoshop 6
Pixologic Zbrush 4R5    HTML & CSS 1 & 2     Adobe Sketchbook Pro
Autodesk Mudbox 2013 Kismet & Unreal Script       Headus UVLayout
Unreal Editor 3 & 2004  C++ & C Sharp   CrazyBump
Unity 3DPython & Mel     Silhouette FX

Traditional Art Skills Lighting & Rendering     3d Animation
Low & High-Poly Modeling       Virtual sculpting            Rigging
Texturing & HD Mapping  Photo Manipulation        Mesh weight painting
UV Unwrapping               Voice Acting  VFX shading & rendering

The Art Institute of Atlanta                                                      June 2010
Game Art & Design (Bachelor of Fine Arts)                                    Atlanta, GA
Dean’s List for Academic Excellence                                                

3D Masons (Eternal Crisis)       May 2010-  June 2011
Environment Artist
Design, Model, Unwrap and Texture 3D assets
Update and adjust assets to the lead and Art Director specifications

Hi-Rez Studio (Global Agenda)                                               Aug 2008- July 2009
Q&A Game Tester
Test and analyzed game levels for server load, visual errors, and game balance
Communicate issues and repeatable errors with development team

“Deserted Island” (mod)                                                          Mar 2009- June 2009
Environment Artist
Design, Model, Unwrap and Texture 3D assets
Asset Placement and Scene Design for Unreal 2004
Freelance                                                                               Jan 2002 – current
Technical Support
Purchase and Assemble computers from scratch for a list of clients.
Build small networks for “in house” environments
Troubleshoot and Repair old or damaged computers

Freelance                                                                               Jan 2005 – current
Graphic Design
Business Package Design (Logos, Business Cards, T-Shirt) for various companies

Peachtree Tees                                                                        Aug 2005 – Dec 2009
Screen Printer
Implement customer designs and transfer them from digital to silk-screen mediums
Set up and Troubleshoot machine hardware and processes
Managed team through product pipeline

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Technical Skills
Specialized Skills
Game Experience
Other Experience
Contact information:

Phone#: Cell    (706) 207-3820
      Home (706) 613-5838


My status
Ever since I could remember I have been an artist, from finger paints to oils and pastels, I couldn't get enough.  Then I got my first game console, Super Nintendo, and life was perfect.  It feels like only yesterday that I was sneaking out of my room at late hours just to get another level or boss down.  As the years went by video games evolved, and my passion for art and obsession for video games only grew.  As my teen years flew by I started looking into a career to pursue.  After many ideas, the answer was so simple I didn’t see it; game art and design.  And so it is present day and my passion and obsession continues to grow.  Though I have grown, I still feel I am that little kid sneaking out of his room to play just one more level.  As I move on and persue my passion I am eager to return the fun and enjoyment that video games brought me and present it to the next generation of gamers.
Film Experience
J3 Productions                                                      Jan 2012 - current
Freelance Environment Artist
Build, UV map, and Texture 3D assets for cartoon environments.
Light and Render environments using Mental Ray in Maya.
Work with Art Director and other team leaders to implement and drive the artistic         goals of the project.

Dzignlight Studio (Titanic 3D)                                            May 2011- October 2011
Lead Rotoscope Artist
• Responsible for managing the overnight shift of  20-25 Artists
• Inspire, motivate, and mentor other artists in the best practices, processes, and
procedures pertaining to the rotoscoping process.
• Work with Art Director and other team leaders to implement and drive the artistic
goals of the project.